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Northeast Corridor - New York to Philadelphia

This route covers the stretch of the NEC from New York Penn to Philadelphia 30th St. This was the first NEC route released by Dovetail Games, so it has the sparsest scenery and the least developed signaling implementation.


Signal messages are in the form of sigNspdS, where N is a numeric code that communicates the signal aspect and S is the current track speed limit.

The following table, derived from the AEM-7's engine script, shows the meanings of these codes:

Code Aspect
0 "None"
1 Clear
2 Cab Speed 80
3 Cab Speed 60
4 Approach Limited
5 Approach Medium
6 Approach
7 Restricting
8 "Ignore"

These aspects are mostly true to real life, but there are some differences compared to the real thing. On the real NEC, the Clear aspect can be amended with 100, 125, and 150 mph speeds. Since these are not present in Dovetail's signals, we have to assume all Clear aspects actually mean "Clear 125 mph".

Dovetail also programmed two different "Approach Medium 45 mph" aspects into the AEM-7: a yellow-over-green aspect (for the Approach Medium and Medium Clear aspects) and a yellow-over-flashing-green (for the Approach Limited, Limited Clear, and Advance Approach aspects). Considering the corresponding wayside aspects, the non-flashing Approach Medium cab aspect seems to be emulating the special Approach Medium 30 aspect that can be sent by ACSES. Unfortunately, these code 5 aspects do not get sent until the train has encountered the interlocking's home signal—a location too late for any ACSES simulation to enforce a proper braking curve.

Speed limits

Type 1 and type 3 speed limits represent signal speeds and other invisible speed restrictions. Type 2 speed limits represent visible speed posts.