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Notes for the Amtrak AEM-7

The AEM-7 is a high-speed electric locomotive included with the Northeast Corridor: New York - Philadelphia DLC. It has a top speed of 125 mph and as of 2016, its last year in service, is equipped with cab signaling, ATC, and ACSES.

Mod compatibility

The Open NEC mod for the AEM-7 is fully compatible and tested with Fan Railer's AEM-7 physics and sound mod.

Bugs fixed

  • Cruise control has been made functional again. To use it, turn the dial to your desired speed and set the throttle to the desired amount of power.


  • The signal speed limit display cannot display specific 100 mph, 125 mph, or 150 mph speeds. Instead, you can take "--" to mean "Clear, 125 mph." Currently, no Dovetail route can actually send 100 mph or 150 mph speed codes, but should these be implemented in the future, the track speed limit display will be used to communicate these speeds.
  • The track speed limit display is only capable of displaying the speeds used on its home New York - Philadelphia route. For unsupported speed limits, like 20 mph and 95 mph, the next highest supported speed will be displayed (15 mph and 90 mph, respectively).