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Notes for the Amtrak HHP-8

The Bombardier HHP-8 is a high-horsepower electric locomotive sold as a separate addon to the New York to Philadelphia and New York to New Haven routes. Its styling is intentionally similar to that of the Acela's. The HHP-8 is equipped with cab signaling, ATC, and ACSES.

Mod compatibility

The Open NEC mod for the HHP-8 is fully compatible and tested with Fan Railer's HHP-8 physics and sound mod. However, Fan Railer's mod must be installed first for the Open NEC scripting to function.

Bugs fixed

  • Xbox and Raildriver controls work when running with Fan Railer's mod.
  • The locomotive will no longer get sporadically stuck in a permanent penalty state.

New features

  • Press Ctrl+D to disable and enable ATC, and Ctrl+F to disable and enable ACSES. Both systems are turned on by default.


  • The signal speed limit display cannot display specific 100 mph, 125 mph, or 150 mph speeds. Instead, you can take the lack of a speed to mean "Clear, 125 mph." Currently, no Dovetail route can actually send 100 mph or 150 mph speed codes, but should these be implemented in the future, the track speed limit display will be used to communicate these speeds.