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Notes for the Amtrak P42DC

The GE P42DC is a diesel-electric locomotive that forms of the backbone of Amtrak's long-haul fleet. Occasionally, due to shortages of electric locomotives or due to catenary maintenance, P42's can be seen pulling trains even on the electrified Northeast Corridor. However, they are prohibited from operating into New York's Penn Station.

Open NEC equips the P42 with universal cab signaling, ATC, and ACSES. Over the years, Dovetail Games has released several versions of the P42; this mod is designed for the one released with the Washington to Baltimore route. Savvy users may copy the replacement Lua .out file to use with the other versions if they so choose to.

New features

  • The yellow overspeed number on the driving screen is now functional. It is used to display ACSES civil speed limits (as well as any signal speed limits above 45 mph). If you violate the displayed speed limit, this number will flash to draw your attention to it.