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Notes for the MARC MP36PH

The MPI MP36PH is a diesel locomotive included with the Washington to Baltimore route. As Dovetail Games was unable to obtain a MARC license, the locomotive is unbranded. It appears to be based on the Caltrain MP36PH model, with the addition of an Amtrak-style cab signaling display.

The Open NEC Project modifies the MP36PH to include functional cab signaling, ATC, and ACSES systems.

New features

  • Press Ctrl+D to disable and enable ATC, and Ctrl+F to disable and enable ACSES. Both systems are turned on by default. There is also an alerter that, if both ATC and ACSES are turned off, is also turned off.


  • The advanced braking feature is temporarily not implemented.
  • The signal speed limit display cannot display specific 100 mph, 125 mph, or 150 mph speeds. Instead, you can take the lack of a speed to mean "Clear, 125 mph." Currently, no Dovetail route can actually send 100 mph or 150 mph speed codes, but should these be implemented in the future, the track speed limit display will be used to communicate these speeds.