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Notes for the NJ Transit ALP-45DP

The Bombardier ALP-45DP is a dual-mode electric and diesel locomotive that provides one-seat rides between New York Penn Station and NJ Transit's various unelectrified branches. Open NEC equips the ALP-45DP with fully functional cab signaling, ATC, and ACSES.

Mod compatibility

The Open NEC mod for the ALP-45DP is fully compatible and tested with Fan Railer's ALP-45DP/Comet physics and sound mod.

New features

  • Press Ctrl+D to disable and enable ATC, and Ctrl+F to disable and enable ACSES. Both systems are turned on by default.
  • All power changeover aids have been removed. Instead, follow the procedures described in the manual to change power modes: Use the Fault Reset button to change from electric to diesel mode, and raise the pantograph to change from diesel to electric mode.
    • The train must be stopped and the throttle centered at zero to start the changeover process, which takes about 100 seconds to complete.