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Notes for the NJ Transit Comet V Cab Car

The Bombardier Comet V is a railcar included with most New Jersey Transit DLC's. Because it is equipped with ACSES, it is the sole single-level cab car currently in use on the NJ Transit system. The Open NEC Project modifies the Comet V to include functional cab signaling, ATC, and ACSES systems.

New features

  • Use the crossing lights dial in the cab to change between off, fixed, and auto (flash for 30 seconds following the last horn blow) ditch light operation. The J hotkey toggles between the fixed and auto modes.
  • OpenNEC removes the automatic power changeover functions. When driving with an ALP-45DP at the rear, raise the pantograph (using the in-cab control) to switch from diesel to electric mode, and press the Fault Reset button (also using the in-cab control) to switch from electric to diesel mode.
    • The train must be stopped and the throttle centered at zero to start the changeover process, which takes about 100 seconds to complete.