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Notes for the NJ Transit/MARC Multilevel Cab Car

The Bombardier Multilevel is a bilevel railcar included with the New Jersey Transit North Jersey Coast Line and ALP-46 DLC's. An unbranded version, which serves as a stand-in for MARC equipment, is also included with the Washington to Baltimore route. Aside from sporting a new exterior texture, Dovetail made no further changes to this MARC version. In fact, it comes with the same destination signs as those of the NJ Transit version.

The Open NEC Project modifies the Multilevel cab car to include functional cab signaling, ATC, and ACSES systems.

New features

  • OpenNEC removes the automatic power changeover functions. When driving with an ALP-45DP at the rear, raise the pantograph to switch from diesel to electric mode, and lower the pantograph (DTG did model a Fault Reset button, but it's not animated or functional) to switch from electric to diesel mode.
    • The train must be stopped and the throttle centered at zero to start the changeover process, which takes about 100 seconds to complete.
  • For the MARC version, the destination signs have been retextured to show "MARC", "No Passengers", "Union Station", "Penn Station", "Martin State Airport", and "Perryville".