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The Open NEC Project is a massive, work-in-progress systems overhaul mod for Train Simulator 20xx that encompasses Amtrak's Northeast Corridor locale from Washington, DC to Boston. The mod is planned to include enhancements for all of the Amtrak, NJ Transit, Metro-North, and other equipment that Dovetail Games has released for the Northeast Corridor. It will also include upgrades for the signaling systems of the various routes.

To make this all possible, the project provides drop-in replacements for Dovetail's Lua bytecode. With control of the Lua scripting, we have complete control over the behavior of locomotive's systems, as well as the route's signaling system. Thus, we can fix bugs and make dramatic improvements to the gameplay experience.

Currently, the project enhances most of the Northeast Corridor locomotives available for Train Simulator, adding complete Automatic Train Control (ATC) and Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES) implementations.

Locomotives overhauled by the Open NEC project include:



This website is divided into several sections. In the Get the mod chapter, you can find information on obtaining and installing the mod and when you can expect the next release. In the For players chapter, you can learn how to navigate the newly improved Northeast Corridor with your newly upgraded equipment. In the For contributors chapter, developers can find information on how to contribute to the project, as well as technical documentation on Dovetail's content.


Does this mod include any route or model improvements?

No. Currently, this project only includes improvements to the Lua scripting. Everything has been carefully constructed to avoid conflicting with other mods, especially Fan Railer's physics and sound mods.

Does this mod merge any routes together?


Help! I was driving in an external view and now my train is stuck in a penalty brake.

Open NEC enables all safety systems by default, which must be responded to, even when not driving inside the cab. On most locomotives, you can press Ctrl+D to disable ATC, and Ctrl+F to disable ACSES. Furthermore, Open NEC also adds an alerter subsystem that will sound an alarm if the controls are not manipulated within a certain period of time. There is no cab or keyboard control to disable the alerter, but you can press the exclamation mark on the HUD to "stick" the acknowledge button in the pressed position, which will prevent the alerter from activating.

Release history

The current stable release is Open NEC version 0.7.0.

v0.7.0 (September 16, 2021)

  • Support for the NJ Transit Arrow III and GP40PH-2B.
  • Bombardier HHP-8:
    • Critical: Fixed nil error in script.
  • Bombardier ALP-45DP:
    • Reinstated exhaust fans.
    • Exhaust particles now increase or decrease depending on power output.
  • Siemens ACS-64:
    • Fixed wheelslip indicator being perpetually illuminated.

v0.6.0 (September 1, 2021)

  • Support for the NJ Transit ALP-45DP and ALP-46.
  • ATC:
    • Removed target deceleration rate requirement to achieve Suppression.
    • Fixed occasional failure to detect Suppression in locomotives with notched controllers.
    • Added support for Brandon Phelan's new Washington-Baltimore signal scripts.
  • Bombardier Comet V and Multilevel:
    • Changed speed bars to show the ACSES braking curve at all times.
    • Reinstated power mode changing when MU'ing with an ALP-45DP (see notes).
    • Reinstated blended braking and safety systems cut in/out.
    • Fixed HEP status and destination sign not being synced to other coaches.
  • MPI MP36PH:
    • Reinstated safety systems cut in/out.
  • All locomotives:
    • Removed the acknowledge auto-reset feature. Clicking the exclamation mark icon in the HUD now sticks the acknowledge control in the pressed state, as with other equipment in TS1.

v0.5.0 (May 22, 2021)

  • Support for the NJ Transit Comet V and Multilevel Cab Car.
  • ATC:
    • Logic has been changed to require target deceleration rate AND brake lever in suppression.
  • Amtrak ACS-64:
    • Fix overpowered train brakes.
  • Amtrak P32/P42 and MNRR P32:
    • Ditch lights will now flash when switched on.
    • Equipment speed limit raised to 110 mph for Amtrak locos.
  • Bombardier Multilevel:
    • Brake light indicators reinstated.
    • Manual door control reinstated.
    • Destination sign control reinstated.
    • MARC Multilevel destination signs texture swapped for MARC destinations.

v0.4.0 (April 23, 2021)

  • Support for the Amtrak and Metro-North P32AC-DM.
  • Support for the Amtrak P42DC (paths are set for the Washington-Baltimore version).
  • Official support for the Hudson Line route.
  • Amtrak Acela:
    • Critical: Fix broken destination signs and MU pantograph operation.

v0.3.0 (April 17, 2021)

  • Support for the Amtrak ACS-64.
  • Support for the MARC MP36PH and Multilevel Cab Car.
  • ACSES:
    • Temporarily disable positive stop as it is a nuisance in yards and stations.
  • Amtrak Acela:
    • Fix ditch lights rendering even when turned off.
  • Amtrak HHP-8:
    • Fix ditch lights rendering even when turned off.
    • Fix Xbox and Raildriver controls when running with Fan Railer's mod.

v0.2.0 (March 17, 2021)

  • Support for the Amtrak Acela Express.
  • Support for the Amtrak HHP-8.

v0.1.0-beta (March 9, 2021)

The first public release!

  • Support for the Amtrak AEM-7.
  • Support for all Dovetail Northeast Corridor routes.
  • Complete CSS, ATC, and ACSES implementations.

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